Power your Nonprofit with Microsoft Power BI

Non-profits can use Addend Analytics’ Microsoft Power BI non-profit dashboard solution to quickly gather information on their community programs, facilities, staff, donations so they can move swiftly to aid those in need.

Why use Microsoft Power BI for nonprofits?
Power BI nonprofit dashboard solution is designed to help non-profit organizations to quickly collate data regarding their multiple programs, communities, people, stakeholders, donors and financials to be able to react quickly to help people in need and create an environment of transparency. Addend Analytics will list down the benefits and how it will help nonprofits to better manage their data.  

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Benefits of Power BI for Nonprofits

In order to manage AWS analytics solutions, we offer a one-stop shop that covers strategy, architecture, development, DevOps, cost optimization, maintenance and support, and invoicing.

Power BI makes it simpler to produce eye-catching dashboards, images, and charts that will demonstrate the direct influence of your nonprofit on the society. Visualizations that describe the work your organization does or the impact it has will help you create awareness while reaching out to new audiences and community in this digital social media age.
Quicker Access
Data analysis is a snap with Power BI! Hard working volunteers of your team won’t have to waste time gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data. They will instead be able to concentrate on completing the objective successfully rather than being bogged down in the maze of spreadsheets.
Donor Analytics
Donors make large contributions, but they are curious about how the funds are used by the nonprofit. They require evidence that the money is being used properly and having a significant impact on those in need. Power BI enables you to create figures, statistics, and charts to display the spending graph and explain to your audience where and how their donations are used as well as the impact they have.
Demonstrating Transparency
Like any other organization, nonprofits have a variety of processes and components that must function cohesively in order to sustain a well-balanced operation. It is not very efficient to spend hours behind several spreadsheets just to obtain a single piece of information to assess your organization’s standing in relation to the financial targets. You can easily track your aims and KPIs with Microsoft Power BI.
Effective Monitoring
It’s time to reevaluate your technological upscaling if your volunteers spend hours combing through spreadsheets, folders, and files to generate a single report that, sadly, contains outdated data. But now, you can get up-to-date information regarding performance, budget, and operations with just a click thanks to Power BI’s real-time data availability. Once any update is input, the information is automatically updated at the source.
Beneficiary Analytics
Communities and stakeholders currently want to hear how a nonprofit is changing the world. They wish to be more in touch with their compassionate side. Real data, stats, and facts that have been compiled on a dashboard by Power BI may be used to illustrate the stories of your successful impacts. The graphics that this program produces are excellent. People will view the dynamic data to believe the impact made if seeing is believing.
Identify Weaknesses
To identify trends in the behavior of the contributors, sponsors, or benefactors, Power BI employs AI driven predictive analysis. To comprehend the pattern or pinpoint the areas that require improvement, you don’t need to flip between Excel pages. Power BI tool will automatically run those reports and let you know where you need to scale.
Single Data Point
Again, we are referring to spreadsheets because most nonprofits continue to save their data on many pages. Every department has its own spreadsheet, so can you just picture how much time and money you would waste if you had to search through all of these sheets to get a single piece of information? It’s annoying! It all ends with Power BI. It compiles data from several sources and displays it for you on a single screen.
Targeted financing
You are given the resources you need by Power BI to comprehend the functioning of your company. You can use the information from data visualizations and reporting metrics to decide how to utilize your grants and d onations to create the biggest impact possible or where to use them—the targeted areas.
Power BI can lead to operational efficiencies that are easy on your wallet and is a cost-effective solution to utilize. Power BI from Microsoft is available as a free and premium membership service. Power BI enables you to share dashboards and reports with anyone, anywhere. Data ought to enhance rather than rule your existence. You can simply manage your data using Power BI, interact with it, find trends, and use natural language quer ies to get quick results.
Addend Analytics is the only Microsoft Power BI partner specialized in consulting and designing data structure, models for Nonprofits across North America.

Addend’s AWS Expertise

Data Strategy
Starting with a sound plan will help you succeed with your data. We assist you in creating a long-term, strategic plan that outlines the personnel, operational procedures, and technological requirements so you can begin utilizing your data to meet your organizational objectives.
Data Management

We create safe and adaptable data architectures for cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid systems to act as the framework you need to utilize all of your data.

In order to automate tedious operations, transform data into insights, enhance data quality, effectively convey complicated data, and forecast trends and behavior, we install current BI solutions.
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Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

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Tell me more about Addend Analytics?

Addend Analytics is a Microsoft Power BI partner specializing in nonprofits data modelling in Mumbai, India. We have a branch office in U.S. and we have successfully implemented 100+ Power BI Consulting and implementation projects for nonprofits across U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia.

How much does it cost to implement Power BI for Nonprofits? What are your rates?

This totally depends on your requirements. However, we assure you our rates are way more affordable than most other Power BI consulting partners in the US. We are focused on providing better transparency to our nonprofit partners with Microsoft Power BI.

We are Power BI partner too. Will you help us implementing and consult for our nonprofit client?

Yes, we operate under white labeling model wherein you can hire our nonprofit data experts for your client work.

How can I be sure of your work delivery and quality?

We usually provide around 15-20 hours of the work for free so you can gauge our quality level. kamal.sharma@addendanalytics.com

How do I reach out to you?

Please email your requirements at kamal.sharma@addendanalytics.com and we will get back to you.