10 Reasons to Choose Azure for Your Enterprise

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Businesses all over the world are having amazing success with Cloud-based business solutions. With scalable and secure cloud-enabled enterprise applications, they’re changing how businesses do business. Microsoft Azure is used by 90% of Fortune 500 firms around the world to power their operations. Enterprises can quickly design, deploy, and manage simple to sophisticated applications using Azure cloud services that are intimately integrated. Azure is compatible with a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, databases, and devices, letting businesses to use tools and technologies they already know and trust.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons to go with Azure for your business:

Capabilities of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Azure offers a tempting mix of IaaS and PaaS services. IaaS allows businesses to outsource their infrastructure to Azure and only pay for what they use, while PaaS allows them to build their own web apps and solutions without having to purchase or manage the underlying infrastructure. Top Azure consultants from the Microsoft partner community can help businesses leverage Azure PaaS and IaaS to build cloud-based enterprise solutions for faster growth.

Security Offerings

Azure is built on the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), an industry-leading security process. It is built with security in mind, and private data and services are kept safe and secure on Azure Cloud. Microsoft Azure is the most trusted cloud platform among US government institutions, with the best compliance coverage of over 50 compliance products. It is also the first to adopt ISO 27018, a new international standard for cloud privacy. As a result, Microsoft ensures the highest level of security for all Azure Cloud operations and data.

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Scalability and Ductility

Using Azure, you can design applications that run smoothly, unaffectedly, and scale from tens of thousands to tens of millions of users. Azure Storage is a cloud storage solution that is ductile, safe, secure, and performance efficient. Changing settings and using extra processors for the application becomes easier.

Unrivalled Hybrid Capabilities

Azure has hybrid capabilities that set it apart from the competition. Between on-premises and the public cloud, Azure allows for seamless mobility and a uniform platform. To increase usability and speed, Azure offers a greater selection of hybrid connections, including virtual private networks (VPNs), caches, content delivery networks (CDNs), and ExpressRoute connections.

Integrated Environment with Other Microsoft Tools

Companies who rely on Microsoft products such as Office 365, Outlook, and SharePoint invest in a cloud platform that seamlessly interfaces with them. Azure makes operations easier by allowing you to use the same virtual on-premise servers for Windows and Linux.

Analytics and Intelligence capabilities

Azure provides SQL and NoSQL data services, as well as built-in tools for digging deeper into data and revealing crucial insights for optimising business operations and decision making. Azure is the only cloud platform with features such as Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), Machine Learning, Bots, and Cognitive APIs.

How does Microsoft Azure work?

Easy learning curve

Cloud native apps are developed using familiar tools such as Visual Studio, ASP.NET, and programming languages such as Visual Basic, C++, C#, and others, making it simple for consultants to design cloud-based enterprise applications.

Cost Efficient Platform

Microsoft’s pay-as-you-go strategy allows you to pay only for the resources you use while using Azure services to build or increase resources. Because infrastructure is handled by Microsoft on Azure, IT administration expenditures are kept to a minimum. It seamlessly connects datacentres to the cloud and, unlike any other cloud provider, serves 42 regions.


Amalgamated apps for on-premises systems, such as cloud databases, can be constructed using Azure. Internet protocols and open standards like as XML, SOAP, REST, and HTTP are supported by Azure. For applications created in those languages, there is a software development kit for Java, PHP, and Ruby, as well as Azure tools for Eclipse.

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Azure’s Azure Active Directory service provides secure IAM features, allowing the correct users to access the right information. Enterprises may use Azure to implement mature IAM capabilities, lowering identity management costs and increasing agility, allowing them to support creative business activities.

Similar functionalities are available on other public cloud systems, such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. However, given the rapidity with which Microsoft releases new Azure components, it is clear that it is rated higher in the market. Addend, a trusted Microsoft partner, is assisting businesses in developing scalable and secure cloud-native applications using the Azure platform.

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