Automating Your Organizations Azure Dev-Ops  

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Add Your Heading Text HereAutomating Your Organizations Azure Dev-Ops  
Power-BI Reports 

Azure Dev-Ops provides us a way of managing, organizing, and tracking all the tasks and their subtasks for a project. 

Since there is a direct integration between Azure Dev-Ops and Power BI, Power BI can be used to analyse, and create reports using Dev-Ops data. 

In this blog, as the title says, we are going to have a look at how to automate your organizations Azure Dev-Ops Power-BI report. 

How you shape or model your Dev-Ops data is irrelevant to the following discussion as each business will select their own parameters/attributes, relationships, and business logic to construct the reports. 

So, in essence, we are automating a process that gets data from the source without any human dependence, this data will further trickle into the system of how you have shaped, modelled, and defined your business logic. 

There are two approaches to automate Azure DevOps reports in Power-BI depending on your access levels in azure environment. 

  • Approach one – If you have project level access. 

  • Requires some level of manual intervention but minimizes number of steps needed. 

  • Needs you to exist as a member in each project with “Basic” 

level of access. 

  • Approach two – If you have organization level access. 

  • Can achieve complete automation. 

  • Needs you have organizational level of access on the entire azure environment. 

Both the levels have their points of access/link as follows: 

  • Project Level – 

  • Org Level – 

Both use different ways of connecting / power-bi connectors to access and get data into PBI which will be explored further when we get into each method. 

Let’s look at automation steps for both approaches. 

Approach 1 – When you have project level access: 

Works with 

         PBI connectors used/explored: 

  • Web connector 

  • Azure Dev Ops (Boards Only) 

For this method, report author needs to be added as a member in each of the projects present in your organization. 


Step 1 

To get a list of all projects present in your organization. 

You can do that through web connector in PBI using the following endpoint:{organization}/_apis/projects?api-version=6.0 

This will bring in a list of all projects present in your organization if you are present as a member in these projects. 

It will contain several columns, we only need the one containing a list of project names, remove other columns. 

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