Custom or Dynamic Tooltip in Power BI

In this blog, we’ll be creating a custom tooltip and also see how we can configure it in Power BI.

Here, along with the sales amount on the clustered column chart, we want to see the total quantity and quantity by product category.

We’ll be able to see that by creating the custom tooltip.

Below are the steps to create the custom tooltip –

Step 01

For creating a custom tooltip, we have to add a new tab in the report and change the size of that tab to Tooltip in the Visualization pane.

After this, go to Visualization pane > Page Information and enable the option ‘Allow use as tooltip’.

Step 02

We can customize the page by changing the background and adding all the visuals which you need to see on your tooltip. I have added a card visual containing Quantity and a clustered bar chart which is showing Quantity by Product Category.

Below is the Tooltip tab which I have created.

Step 03

Select the visual in which you need to add the custom tooltip. Go to the Visualization pane > Format visuals > General and enable the tooltips option. In that select Report Page in Type and then select the tooltip which you have created for your visual in Page i.e., Custome Tooltip in my case.

After all the above configurations the Custom Tooltip tab which we created should pop up whenever we’ll hover over the bar of our clustered column chart. Also, you can hide the tooltip tab so that it doesn’t appear to the end user.


So, what happens along with the sales amount is we can see the total quantity in card and quantity by product category in a clustered bar chart with the help of a custom tooltip.


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