Date Picker Visual in Power Bi


1. Problem Statements
2. Possible ways
3. Solution

1. Problem Statements
I want to select a single date in the filter, so I want the date picker to allow the selection of only one date. Power BI has options such as ‘between’, ‘before’, and ‘after’ in the date picker filter. Therefore, if I select a single date, it should display the data for that specific date.

  1. Possible ways:

We have 2 Possible ways

1. We could use Dates between slicers and select a single date on both sides so it will show the correct data.

But this solution will not work because it does not provide a good user experience.

  1. Thus, the primary solution is

Step 1: Take a date slicer, and in the slicer settings, select ‘After Slicer’, and decrease the size of the slicer so that the second date will be hidden.

Step 2: Now we need to make changes in the measure where we should show data of minimum date

The previous measure of sales amount:

Measure after changes:

for Displaying the value for the selected date in the card this solution will work

this card is showing the correct value of the selected date in the filter now I have to implement this in the table, so I have created a new measure for the date

A new measure for date:

Replace the date column with the date measure so we will receive the expected result

Conclusion: We can use a single date picker in visuals now.

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