Different Ways To Display Hyperlinks In Power BI Tables

Did you know there are multiple ways of displaying hyperlinks in a table/matrix visual?

They can be displayed as the whole URL, an icon or can be formatted into a text from another column. The hyperlink can be a URL to a website or to a page of another/same Power BI report.

Blog Structure:

  • Create a Hyperlink in Power Bi Financial Dashboard
  • Create a visual with the Hyperlink
  • Display the Hyperlink as an Icon
  • Format the texts to have the Hyperlink

Create a Hyperlink in Power BI

You need to have a column in your dataset that contains a URL. Go to the URL column and format the Data category to Web URL. Here’s how it can be done:

  • In Power BI Desktop’s Data view, select the column.
  • On the Column tools tab, select Data category > Web URL.
Power BI Tables
Tip: If the URL column doesn’t exist, you can create a custom column and format it as a Web URL.

Create a visual with the Hyperlink

In Report view, Create a table or matrix with the field that you categorized as a Web URL. Here’s how it will look:
Power BI Tables

Display the Hyperlinks as an Icon

If you don’t want to display a long URL in a table, you can display an icon instead.
Power BI
  1. First, create a table with a hyperlink.
  2. Select the Format icon  to open the Formatting tab.
  3. Expand Values > URL icon > turn it On
Power BI

Format the texts to have the Hyperlinks

If you want a text in one column to just have the hyperlink while displaying text then you can do the following:

  1. In Data view, select the column that contains the URL.
  2. On the Column tools tab, select Data Category. Make sure the column is formatted as Uncategorized.
  3. In Report view, create a table with the column you’re going to format as link text.
  4. With the table selected, select the Format icon to open the Formatting tab.
  5. Expand Conditional formatting, making sure the name in the box is the column you want as link text. Locate Web URL, and turn it to On.
Power BI
In the Web URL dialog box, select the field that contains the URL in the Based on field box.
Power BI
Now the text in that column is formatted as the link.
Power BI

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