Everything You Want To Know About Microsoft Power BI

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For those of you who are wondering what is the meaning of the term Microsoft Power BI, here is the detailed information on its description, benefits, features, and everything else you want to know about the new BI technology.


Before Power BI, let us dig into the meaning of BI itself. Business Intelligence or BI is a technology-based development that helps company managers or executives in assessing and evaluating work-related information for taking better decisions, needed in the running of their business.


What is Power BI?


Microsoft Power BI is a combo of both business intelligence as well as a form of data visualization that work together by changing the data into business intelligence reports and dashboards that are interactive in nature from various other sources of data.


Here are a few benefits of using Power BI


  1. One of the major benefits of Power BI development is that there is no need for any Power BI licensing because it is purely a subscription-based method. In fact, the free version of the Power BI services is already availed by the customers of NAV, who create their own dashboards and subscribe to its services.


  1. To have Power BI support all you need to have is a laptop or mobile phone in your hands as all the relevant sales-related updates and reports are instantly notified in these electronic devices. Power BI reports work on both iOS and Android as well as Windows too. So, whether you are on the streets, engaging with customers, or holidaying somewhere with your family, you need not worry about your sales report anymore.


  1. Thirdly, Power BI is fairly easy to use with crisp mechanisms that can be grasped quite easily if understood properly. Apart from gathering data from Microsoft, it can also collect data from other sources too, and what is more the reports can also be shared with other members of the organization.


Having read the benefits, now let us turn our attention to the different types of tools in Power BI


  1. Power BI desktop


It is one of the best and highly regarded tool, as a Power BI consultant or developer uses it to build new and innovative models as well as create sales reports from the beginning. This Power BI desktop is also cost-free.


  1. Power BI service


Also known as SAAS or Software As A Service this tool hosts dashboards, models of Power BI data, and reports too. The Power BI cloud is where all the administration properties, sharing, and collaboration is done. The cost is a bare minimum of 10 dollars per month, per user.


  1. Power BI Gateway


Installed by none other than the Admin of BI, the Power BI gateway forms a link between the numerous data sources like Live Query, Direct Query, and the Power BI service.


Hence, to conclude, businessmen or company owners should be more interested in learning about the prospects of Microsoft Power BI as it can help them in boosting their business and reach new heights.




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