How To Copy Tables From One Database To Another In SQL Server Using SQL Server Export/Import wizard

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  • Post published:May 19, 2021

One of the fastest ways to copy tables from one database to another database is using the SQL Server Export and Import wizard.

  1. From SQL Server Management Studio, right-click on the source database, then from Tasks choose the Import Data command-

2. In the next step, we can specify the source Server name, the Authentication method that will be used to connect to the source server, and the source Database name, then click the Next button-

3. As we move forward, we need to specify the destination Server name, the Authentication method that will be used to connect to the destination server and the destination Database name, then click the Next button-

4 Next, we can either choose the way of simply copying the data from one or more tables or views or to write a query to specify the data to transfer as shown below-

5. As we have specified the mode of transfer of data, we can choose the desired tables which we want to copy and click on the option of “Edit Mappings” just in case we want to change the datatype, append rows or delete rows of the table.

6. Once we have finalized the table and things related to it, we can click on the next button of “Save and Run Package” window-

7. So, this is the last step and with this step we will get the data copied into our desired database, we just need to click on the “Finish” option available at the bottom and once this step is complete, we can see the table present in our database by refreshing the table folder

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