How To Create Interactive Power Bi Report?

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Making a Best Power Bi Reports is more similar to making an excel sheet. Microsoft has tried to give an easy-to-understand insight into everybody utilizing the product. You can be from any genre, and your requirements can differ from analyzing your records to big data, however, Power BI has an answer for everybody. Furthermore, with appropriate training in Power BI, you can make master-level reports within a few minutes.

In this post, we will be beginning from the very basics and assist you with understanding the process of power bi integrations. For better reports, you can also learn the best practices that contain activities before making your first report.

  • The initial step in making a report is gathering information. You get numerous alternatives to import data, and for this model, we will be beginning with an excel sheet. Click on “Get Data” on the top and select the alternative of Excel to import your sheet.
  • Next, go to the Data view, and you will have the option to roll out all the edits and rectifications in your information. You can undoubtedly choose and reshuffle sections and erase the ones that are not required.
  • Next in line is the plan of the report. While structuring your report, you get plenty of alternatives to choose from a few diagrams, colors, subtleties, etc. You will pick up knowledge from your data which you can decide to incorporate close by your graphs. All aspects of these diagrams can be customized and assist you to speak to a core understanding of your data.
  • Once you are finished with the progressions and planning, you can publish the report to the Power BI site from where you can undoubtedly share it with anybody.

Create and Check Power Reports on Mobile

Microsoft gives all the data investigation highlights of Power Bi Interactive Dashboard from the mobile application. You can oversee and control everything in your reports easily from your mobile application.

Let’s see how you can check a similar report you just created on your mobile app. The process to view and access any report is utilizing a QR code. You can create QR codes for reports, even the ones for which you simply have the viewing rights.

This QR code can be moved on any device and platform and would then be able to be utilized for access.

  • Click on the ellipsis button on the upper right corner of your Power BI site.
  • Among the choices that you see, click on Generate QR code.
  • Click on the download option to save the code.

You would now be able to utilize this QR code to share it with anybody. Anybody with this code will have the option to get to the report directly from the mobile application.

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