How to display sales data in the past 30-60-90 days

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  • Post published:May 2, 2023

In this blog, I’ll explain how to calculate sales for the past 30-60-90 days and display sales data with the help of the Slicers.

The steps we take to display sales data in the past 30-60-90 days
Create a table with the help of Enter Data option.

Step2. The table we have created in the above steps will be used in the slicer to filter the data for the 30/60/90/days range.

Step3. Create a new measure for calculating the past 30/60/90 Days’ sales.

Last 30/60/90 Days sale =

var days_30=CALCULATE(sum(‘Orders'[Sales]),FILTER(‘Date Table’,’Date Table'[Date]>=TODAY()-29&& ‘Date Table'[Date]<=TODAY()))

var days_60=CALCULATE(sum(‘Orders'[Sales]),FILTER(‘Date Table’,’Date Table'[Date]>=TODAY()-59&& ‘Date Table'[Date]<=TODAY()))

var days_90=CALCULATE(sum(‘Orders'[Sales]),FILTER(‘Date Table’,’Date Table'[Date]>=TODAY()-89&& ‘Date Table'[Date]<=TODAY()))


IF(MAX(‘Table'[Last 30/60/90 Days Sale])=”30 Days”,days_30,

IF(MAX(‘Table'[Last 30/60/90 Days Sale])=”60 Days”,days_60,

IF(MAX(‘Table'[Last 30/60/90 Days Sale])=”90 Days”,days_90)))

Step4. Drag the measure in the card and select the value in the slicers.

You can see in the screenshot above that shows the sales value for the 30 days. We’ll choose the slicers if you want to show 60 or 90 days.

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