How to embed Power BI report in SharePoint

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Hello readers, creating an interactive & user-friendly Power BI report is key task for a BI developer but sharing it on an appropriate platform is more important. In this blog, we will see how to embed and share the Power BI report on SharePoint.

Let’s get started…

I have already published the Power BI report on Power BI services,

There are two ways to embed the report on SharePoint,

  1. Using SharePoint Online link
  2. Using Publish to Web option

In this blog, we will focus on embedding using the SharePoint Online link.

Now, let’s go step by step,

  1. Copy the SharePoint Online link from File>>Embed Report>>SharePoint Online.

2. Login to the SharePoint portal & create a new site,

3. I have already created a new site named as “Dashboard & Analytics” in SharePoint.

4. Click on New>>Site Page.

5. On the site page you can give the title of the page like “My Dashboard”. If you want the end user to put a comment on the dashboard you can enable it from the below toggle button.

6. Click on the + option & search for the Power BI report as in the image below.

7. Click on Add Report & paste the copied URL.

Once you enter the link, the report will start loading & you can also select the page name to display, set the aspect ratio, and turn on/off the navigation page, filter pane & action bar.

8. Once you’re done with the setting you can click on publish the page.

Now, your report is ready to be shared!

The best thing about embedding on SharePoint is, that your end user can like, comment, and save the report for later. You can also track the views of the report.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you will find this blog helpful.

Gaurav Lakhotia

Team Lead – Data Analytics

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