How To Embed Power BI Reports In Dynamics Business Central

Getting visibility into your Business’s Central data has become pretty simple— All thanks to Microsoft’s Power BI report data visualisation framework.

Power BI retrieves dynamics business central development data enabling you to create dashboards and reports on the basis of that info. Power BI offers a versatile alternative to reports built in the Business Central, empowering you to explore and customise the visualisation and even combine info from various companies in the Business Central.

You can even embed power bi dashboard in the Business Central and access it without exiting the system. More complex dashboards are better experienced through the Power BI website.


Things you can do with Power BI and Business Central

There are different features for interacting with Business Central and Power BI. You can do certain things from Power BI, while others can be done through Business Central. Also, some of the features are only accessible online with Business Central, not on-site.

  • View Dynamic Business Central Development data in Power BI

You can access the data from Business Central in Power BI reports. Business Central Online provides several pre-defined Power BI reports, or your company also has some customised reports available to you.

  • Access Power BI reports in the Business Central client.

Power BI reports that display Business Central data can be planted directly into Business Central Sites. You can switch the part to exhibit any report that is made accessible to you.


  • Develop Power BI reports and dashboards that screen Business Central data.

Leverage your Power BI Desktop to build your own reports and dashboards. You can post reports to your own Power BI Service or share them with those within your organisation.

  • Business Central apps in Power BI

Business Central publishes three Power BI applications on Microsoft AppSource. These apps generate informative reports and dashboards for displaying Business Central data in your Power BI service. The applications available include:

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central CRM
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central – Finance
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central – Sales

Getting set to use Power BI with Business Central

There are a few things that need to be completed before you can embed power bi dashboard and start using Power BI with Business Central. Some functions are normally performed only by admins or super users.

  • If you are using Business Central on-site, make sure that your implementation meets the specifications listed in Set up of Business Central for Power BI incorporation.
  • Publish data as a web service.
  • Code units, pages, and queries that you choose to use as a data source for Power BI report must be released as web services.
  • Get your Power BI account.
    You’ll need a service account to do something with Power BI and Business Central, whether you’re an admin or just a user. Go to https:/ to get an account. Use your business email and password to sign up. It enables you to have a licence, but in most situations, you should already have a free licence.
  • You can get Power BI Desktop if you want to build your own Power BI reports.

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