How to Subscribe to Report in Power BI Service

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As Power BI is emerging as one of the strongest Business Intelligence tools in the market it is providing the way best features for the users to keep them intertwine. And in this blog, I will be writing about one such feature which is known as subscribe. So, for example if there is a situation where we want to know about the status of an important report whenever it has been refreshed, in that case the amazing feature known as “Subscribe” comes to our rescue. In this blog I will be explaining about how we can use this feature on our fingertips. Following are the steps to follow when we want to subscribe to a report –

  1. Open the report in Power BI Service to which you want to subscribe. As you open the report there is an option available named as “Subscribe” at the top.

2. Click on subscribe, a window will pop up show in the following image.

3. Click on add new subscription option. There we will have to fill in the values for the various fields available:

Subscribe- E-mail ID of the person to whom we want to send the report. (By default, it will take the accountholder’s E-mail ID)

  • Subject – just like the normal E-mail subject line we can put it in here something if required.
  • Frequency- we can set how frequent we want to have the reports delivered to us whether after data refresh Daily, hourly, weekly, monthly.
  • Scheduled Time- we can set a specified time for the subscription to take place as well as can specify the time zone.
  • Start Date and End Date- we can fill in a date from where we want the subscription of report to get started and specify the end date if any required. (By default, the end date is one year later from specified start date)
  • Access to dashboard is an option given to the subscriber to open and view the report whereas link to report is an option to provide link of the subscribed report.

Now, we just have to click on “save and close” to save all the changes applied and we are ready with our subscribed report.

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