HR Analytics Part 2

In the previous blog we saw how HR analytics provides inputs in recruitment and employee turnover. HR analytics, in brief is collecting employee data, transforming it in meaningful graphic patterns, to use them for future decision making in company.  


  • Many a times long term absenteeism of employees at workplace either physically or virtually can be an alarming factor. If inquired and corrected beforehand, it can be of great help to save future consequences of employee leaving.  
  • Here, leave tracker and attendance tracker of entire organization creates great insight in patterns format.  
  • Creating such reports has become easier, as data is readily available from existing HRMS to be imported to Power BI for further report generation.  

Performance and succession planning 

  • Mostly HR analytics is used for macro level decision making. But it has important feature that often goes unnoticed. That is, any information imported to it brings out patterns. This can be used individually also, for employees’ career progression and succession planning.  
  • For example, HRs can track employees’ performance and identify who are doing well among all and need further guidance on progression.  
  • The same can be applied on learning and development of employees.  

Though effective, HR analytics still has some cons. Collating and collecting data from all departments can be of great challenge for an HR dept, in big organizations. While small companies often are not well-equipped with IT resources to be used for data analysis.  

Lack of analytical skills is challenge for both big and small companies as non IT companies mostly hire or outsource data scientists for domain specific work. Maintaining privacy of employee data whether with inside or outsourced data scientists, is big challenge in HR analytics.  

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