Looking to connect AWS Amazon S3 storage space with Power BI?

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Here we are going to look into how to connect Power BI with Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) to get data.

You would need the following environment already set up / If not please follow the below steps.

Step 1:

Login into your AWS Console as a root user (to create an S3 resource)

Step 2:

After logging into your AWS console:

Create an S3 resource and upload some data into it (preferably xlsx, csv, json files)

Step 3:

Add data to this bucket.

Step 4: 

  • Create an IAM user.

  • Provision (attach) AmazonS3FullUserAcces to this user as below:

  • Once the user has been created, create access keys (under security credentials for this user, within Amazon IAM service as shown below):

Retrieve the access keys.

Step 5:

In Power BI Desktop, use the Python script option under Get Data:

Step 6:

Use the following code in it to get your Amazon S3 bucket data:

After following the above steps, you’ll get the data present in the S3 bucket as below:

(Never provision services within the root user account for usage purposes, always create another user and use that user account for resource consumption.) – AWS best practices.


  • Please note that you must correctly set up Python Scripting settings and home directories under Global Options for this to work properly.



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