New updates for Fields parameter

New updates for Fields Parameter


  1. Problem Statements
  2. Solution                                                                    

1.Problem Statements

Here we have three Report which are showing the info of “Sales amount by country”, “Sales amount by Group”, “Sales amount by region”

So it required lots of space in report so I want the solution for that

I want to create only one Visual and by using button click I want to switch x-axis.

So it is possible in Power BI using new Update in parameter

  1. Solution

In the Power Bi Desktop click on the Modeling Ribbon We have option “New Parameter” so in that we have two options:-

1. Numeric range and

2. Fields as shown in bellow image, so we need to click on Fields option

After clicking on field will get new window “Parameters” as shown in bellow image.

So, in second textbox Name we must add Name of the Parameter “Territory 2” then add and reorder the fields from fields pane

Check “Add slicer to this page” option

Then click on Create

So, this “Territory 2” table will be available in Field Pane as shown below

And Territory 2 Slicer with the Dax Code as shown in bellow image.

After that create one new Visual “Column chart”

Add fields in this Column chart

as shown below X-axis will be Territory (Column from new created table) and add sales amount in Y-axis

So our Visuals will look like that and then by using only one button click we can change axis of visual

Conclusion: we can change axis on single button click rather than using Drilldown many times we can add as many axes as we want and switch them on single button click.

Thank you for reading!

Rubika Jadhav

Data Analyst 

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