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In my last blog we discussed how Power Bi Consulting is convenient in handling large amounts of data for marketing field. Another field where there is exhaustive data is Human Resources!! There are endless excel sheets of data for who we hire, locations, qualifications, gender, experience, certifications…. phew! Then comes their compensations and benefits, training and development, leaves, terminations! Any HR Generalist would appreciate a tool which manages and connects this data with ease. And there comes our Power Bi tool!

Let’s consider Recruitment. As discussed in my last blog, since the steps are standard, all you have to do is, get the data from the sources. Once you connect this data, all the HR dashboards will be shown, where you can get the names of the new hires, numbers, metrics of last year, changes in the hiring pattern, year on year changes in the form of percentages for a week, month, yearly basis.

In the new hires itself, there will be charts available for gender, location, age group, region, ethnicity, country-specific. You can compare this data by various bar/line/combined graphs, charts, etc.

You can also get a count and comparison for reason for hiring/ rejecting/ putting a candidate on hold, again this by gender, age, region, country wise. Bi also provides Q&A and suggestions for the same on the power bi dashboard. By selecting these suggestions, for example, how many candidates did we hire this year based on their age and qualifications, and what was the reason they were preferred over others. Now, this becomes interesting and handy when you want to plan the HR budget for the coming year, and based on previous year metrics, you can predict requirements for the coming year.

Power Bi saves your time, energy, and money in these cyclical and never-ending processes. Thus, it gives you an advantage over your competitors!

Let’s see how Power Bi is useful for other HR functions in my next blog.


Aishwarya Parchure
HR Head
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