Snowflake DWH: Creating Database & Table

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  • Post published:May 31, 2021

Hello readers, in my previous blog we’ve discussed what is Snowflake DWH and how to create a data warehouse in it. In this blog, we will see how to create a database and a table within the database.

Let’s get started…

Step 1– From top ribbon, click on databases.

Step 2– Once we are at database section, click on create.

Now, you will see a dialog box asking for database details like name of the database and comment(optional).

After providing required details, click on finish to create the database

We have our database ready. Now, let’s create a table with the database.

Step 1– Select the database where you want to create a table.

Step 2– Now, click on create option

Once you are done with the table definition, click on finish.

This is all about creating a database and a table within the database in Snowflake. In my next blog, we will see how to load the data into snowflake table.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you will find this blog helpful.

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