What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

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As ever market leader, Microsoft is determined to excel in all the technologies with their innovative and user-friendly approach. In 2016, Microsoft launched Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by combining it with ERP applications.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based application platform for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It aids AI tools. In this blog, we will see some outstanding benefits of this tool;

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365;

  • It allows clients to combine data from Dynamics 365, Office 365 and third party resources.
  • It further enables them to integrate this data for analytics and visualization through Power Bi Consulting
  • After which, it becomes easier to understand data patterns; behavior, interest of the customers across globe and provides proactive scoring.
  • It acts as self-service tools for the customers, to take actions on the data and connect communities together
  • 365 enables inventory management, scheduling of resources., connecting internet of things products (IOTs)
  • Speaking of Inventory, it helps in scheduling production planning, costs incurred in it due to various resources used (machines, manpower, raw material etc..), warehousing of raw materials and finished goods, updating on products those need to be used/replaced due to their expiry, thus over all SCM management on timely basis
  • It undoubtedly helps in marketing channels, merchandising, customer engagement, customization specifications, insights on prospective & potential customers,
  • Human resource management is connected to LinkedIn and cloud services, thus 365 enables attracting, hiring, onboarding, maintaining pool of candidates as per their locations, functions, qualifications etc.
  • 365 comes with affordable pricing as compared to its other competitors

ERP and CRM integration;

By integrating ERP and CRM, it enables users to get a combined integrated view on data intelligence and complete analysis of customer behaviors, choices, preferences towards products and services, insights on current/previous trends, and manage the inventory and supply chain planning for predicting current and future demands and orders and thus handling risk management and decision making successfully.

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