Turn off the totals for some columns in Power BI

Hi there, in this blog we are going to learn a quick and easy way to disable the totals in Power BI for the desired columns.

Scenario: Blow is the table visual with 4 Columns with totals in yellow font.

Objective: We want to disable the total for any One column here ( Let’s take No. of Brands for now)

Step1. Select your table visual and click on the Format ribbon.

Step2. Go to Formatting Filed under the Format ribbon and select the desired column for which you want to turn off the total, We have a BrandName column here

Step 3: Observe the font color in general

White color is applied to values and not to the total for all the columns in the table visual.

Step4. Change the font col to the background color of the visual so that it will hide the total value when you apply it for totals and not for values.

And here we have our desired result.

Well, you can observe that the total value is not right, generally total is the sum value. Let’s learn to resolve that in our next blog. Thank you for your valuable reading! Happy Learning!

Raksha Gangwal
Data Analyst

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