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Many new features were released in the new version of Power BI Report Server in October 2020. With this update on Power BI support, many features got released including the modern ribbon, enhanced dataset metadata, slicer improvements, etc.

The complete list of the Power BI Service updates is below:

  • Modern Ribbon: These are newly implemented features and additional features to the ribbon are expected in the future.
  • Canvas Watermarks: For new users, it can be quite complicated to know where to start. Hence the watermark feature would help them to take their initial step to get the data, populate the fields pane, and drag-drop visuals.
  • Relative Time Filter: This allows you to filter to a small window of time, like the last 1 hour or last 1 minute. When this filter is applied to the page level, all the visuals get synchronized under that level to the same time range.

Apart from these, there are many upgrades under-reporting like gradient legend, total labels for stacked visuals, a lot in slicer improvements, and mobile authoring enhancements.

  • Line Chart Dot Formatting Options: The new formatting update is here to the line charts. Now you can use different colored dots to identify the different categories across all of your series. This can be helpful to show the particular points in the line charts.

You can turn this option ON, in the Data Colors tab in the formatting pane. From here you can also choose the color of your dots.

  • Enhanced Dataset Metadata: This backend update has opened future highlights upgrades. For instance: For those of you who have tried exporting a PBIT and unzipping the file, you will presently observe the model in JSON and will don’t get mistakes about the corrupted files.
  • Support for Excel Financial Functions: The new financial functions make it simpler to build budgetary reports and perform in any case complex computations in Power BI. Although these features are accessible for all languages, the features themselves will be in English just now.
  • Updates to Model View: With these, you can resize the table containers from any corner. You can right-click for creating any hierarchy. Earlier the hierarchy was alphabetically sorted, but it has been removed.


  • Automatic Table Detection from Excel files: When using the Excel connector, this new element will naturally recognize areas of each Excel spreadsheet to extract into a table and show them under a “Recommended Tables” group in the Navigator.
  • Automatic Table Detection from JSON files: While using the JSON connector, the new feature will consequently straighten the JSON into the table. Already users needed to level records manually. This new element additionally adds support for JSON lines. To utilize this element, kindly empower it in the settings dialogue.


  • Desktop Splash Screen Dismiss: This is a minor change, however, finally the dismiss button “X” has been added to the desktop splash screen.

Now, those are the updates for October 2020 released in the new version of the Power BI Report.

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