Ways Through Which Power BI Integration With PowerApps Helps Tackle Different Business Scenarios

Power apps and BI can work together irrespective of whosoever is hosting. You can either integrate Power Bi Products to power apps or power apps to BI based upon your needs and requirements. The main purpose of integrating these two aspects together is to enhance the application potential to support effective visualization and analysis.

Moreover, it also has the potential to enable people to implement the right measures at the desired time and place. In this article, you will know about ways through which BI integration with Power apps can be helpful.

What Are PowerApps?

Before you go ahead and know the benefits of integrating Power Bi to PowerApps, here is the brief definition of what are PowerApps. The role of PowerApps is to help the non-developer individuals create, publish and run the mobile and web apps through the tool.

With PowerApps, you do not need any kind of coding or visual studio for the purpose. With the successful integration of PowerApps with Power BI, you can enjoy a whole lot of analytical solutions in hand. Follow this article until the end to know about how it can help the non-developers with business implementations.

Integrating Power Apps onto Power BI Report

For proceeding with this integration, you need to create a Power BI report by accessing the visualization panel and importing it from the marketplace. Now, you can search the market place for PowerApps.

Once you are done with it, you will be getting the PowerApps accessibility tab from the visualization panel. Once you click on it, PowerApps content will be added onto the BI report after which you can pick the apps that you want to incorporate onto the report.

The PowerApps you select will be displayed within the Bi reports along with the credentials. Now go ahead and save the report and publish it as per your needs. You can add the report onto the BI dashboard for enhanced CRM aspects. Moreover, you can also pass on necessary data to the PowerApps from your Power BI report.

Analytical Ways to Use BI Integration onto PowerApps

Here are some of the ways to use Power BI data integration with PowerApps for diverse business scenarios. The ways include:

  • Financial Estimations

It can help you with financial forecasting for supporting the associated decisions within the businesses for providing better values to the business scenarios with the advanced algorithm specified for analytics.

  • Approval Process with Self-Reporting

This integration will help Power BI and PowerApps bring up security aspects for analysing and providing values on the report page.

  • Data or Text Analysis

You can enter the given parameters to determine whether the data, text or numbers to predict the outcomes.

These are just a few of the many ways through which you can leverage the potential of BI integration with PowerApps.


These are some of the details associated with Microsoft Power Bi Tool with PowerApps. Along with that, this article also gives you a detailed insight into different ways upon which it can be used. So, make sure you leverage the opportunities that are put up by Power BI integration with PowerApps.

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