Why Power BI Is Considered To Be The Best Tool For Data Analysis

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In 2014, Microsoft introduced Power BI. Long story short, it is one of the most effective tools for data visualisation and analytics that lets companies extract information from multiple sources and draw valuable insights from it— making it one of the most powerful framework for companies offering business intelligence solutions.

Here are a few amazing things about Power BI implementation that make it one of the best analytical tools.

Engaging visualisations and seamless integration with other Microsoft tools

Power BI brings with it innovative visualisations and interactive dashboards that provide a unified view of business performance. It comes with a free drag-and-drop browsing panel, an extensive library of engaging visualisations, besides empowering you to easily design and publish reports through Power BI service.

In addition, embed power bi dashboard helps users to create personalised and more detailed visualisations. Also, since it’s part of MS business software suite, integration with other Microsoft business products and tools such as Excel, Azure and SQL servers, is easy and quick.

Unrestricted access to on-site/cloud data

Power BI maintains all local data in the cloud at a centralised location that can be securely accessed remotely and at any time. The best part of this is that users can easily create pre-built connections to boost data import from apps such as Salesforce and Google Analytics.

In addition, users will be able to link various forms of on-site data storages, such as Oracle, SQL Server, and Hardtop.

Instant access for analytics

Power BI lets its users exchange updates with people around the world. The framework also operates smoothly with all popular OS, such as Windows, iOS and Android. The alerts remind users of any pending updates or changes to the data so that all critical KPIs can be efficiently and instantly analysed.

Permits software integration

MS builders have ensured the provision to embed power bi dashboard, ensuring the framework incorporates into all tech environments. This assures multiple third-party applications and MS tools work seamlessly with Power BI. Microsoft is actively working to improve device connectivity and enable users to import more data and repositories.

Facilitates secure report sharing and data analysis

The Power BI implementation allows users to post their reports and visualisations directly on the Web or transfer them via email. Permits to view reports can also be restricted to a single individual.

Exceptional data modelling capabilities

Data modelling is a feature that links various data sources to a BI tool using data connections. The analogy describes how data sources are related to one another. Users can build customised estimates on established tables with the data modelling function of MS Power BI. The results of these equations can be displayed straight into the Power BI visualisations.

Powerful Knowledge Base

MS boasts of an intuitive interface that doesn’t take long to master. It also has a dedicated and comprehensive knowledge base constructed over the years. Instructional videos, clips and demos are accessible to new users through power bi training so that they can utilise them and find easy solutions to the problems themselves.

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