C/AL to AL Data Migration

Upgrade your Old Data Code Base from C/AL to AL with Addend Analytics!!!

What is C/AL to AL Data Migration?
Migration from an older version – Dynamics NAV (C/Side) to Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision) can be complex scenario especially in terms of data migration because Microsoft simply doesn’t provide any automated tools to do this! Here is where you will need a professional help to move your older data from C/AL to newer & fresher AL language.  

Reasons to migrate from C/AL to AL Code Language

Easy Customization

A fundamental part of the Dynamics NAV/Business Central (Navision) is that you can customize the system to fit the needs of your business. May it be, manufacturing or logistics or Supply chain or freight, NAV/BC can be tailored accordingly. Up until a few years ago, this development work was done in a language called C/AL, but in 2018 Microsoft gave us a whole new way of coding when it released a new language for NAV/BC called AL. This is going to put a great positive impact on the systems because now, it will be even easier to customize the ERP and also leverage timely upgrades for better utilization.

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Upgradeability Challenges
In Dynamics NAV/BC versions, C/AL code was extremely flexible, and this is the reason why many customers today prefer Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC for their ERP operations! But at the same time, it posed a challenge whenever there was an upgrade in the systems. Basically, if you make changes to the code, and if there is an upgrade, then it takes lot of efforts to discover if the customized code has been working or not! This is exactly the reason why many NAV customers still don’t upgrade to newer versions and is now easy with AL code language.
Seamless & Smooth
The core idea of migrating from C/AL to AL is that it requires low coding efforts as far as any customization is needed because Microsoft has introduced a concept of ‘Apps’. So basically, in C/AL, all the coding was executed by making changes in the single code base whereas in newer AL, you have section of Apps, which are holding the codes. So, if you want to make customizations, go ahead, dive into a particular section and customize it, rather than disturbing the entire code base. Subsequently, during an upgrade for the BC app, you can directly implement it without shaking the custom code written by you, thus making upgrades painless and smooth!
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Huge Cost Savings
We all know how Cloud architecture is always better and enhanced than On-premises architecture! Microsoft heavily invests each year to enable more benefits, strengthen core product and incur less cost in terms of future actions like customizations or upgrades for its customers. Considering this, by encouraging to migrate from C/AL to AL, Microsoft have found a way to enhance a core strength of the NAV product, thereby reducing the cost of future upgrades and enabling deployment choice.

Why consider Addend Analytics for your C/AL to AL Data Migration

C/AL to AL Data Migration FAQs
What is Addend Analytics’ expertise?

Addend Analytics is a Microsoft Gold Partner based in Mumbai, India and a branch office in U.S. Addend has successfully implemented 100+ Microsoft Power BI, Business Central (Navision) and Data migration projects across U.S., Europe, and Australia.

Can I do this migration in-house as it is only a data transfer?

Of course, yes, if you have the right talents, you can! But it is more than just the data transfer or migration! The complexity of data migration clubbed with the non-availability of the right tools make it even more difficult and here is where Addend Analytics’ professional developers can assist you.

How much does it cost to move your code from C/AL to AL?

This totally depends on your company files and existing data migration scope! We can analyze your data and submit you a proposal for upgrade. Just to give you an idea, our rates are typically around $40 per hour for a typical small and medium-sized upgrade and go even lower for the longer projects.

How much time will it take for complete BC implementation?

C/AL to AL Code migration projects range typically from 10 days to even 6 months! Once we analyze your data, we can give you the cost estimates along with the timeline required for it. Please email your requirements at kamal.sharma@addendanalytics.com

How do I contact you?

Please email your requirements at kamal.sharma@addendanalytics.com and we will get back to you.