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In our previous blog we saw how CRM is related to HR, in this blog we will how CRM which yields greatest outcomes for maintaining customer relationships, gives in depth benefits for marketing company’s products and services.  

CRM maintains, leverages, and amplifies the customer base of the organization. It not only focuses on mass marketing but also direct marketing. These strategies with the help of CRM are more effective in attracting the customers than the traditional ways marketing as they help in acerating response rates from the customers.

  1. Web marketing  

People are more inclined towards web-based search and online shopping, as it is relatively inexpensive as people don’t need to go to the shops for buying. After multiple try outs, supplier send the product the customer within no time.  

Online marketing is handy for the marketers as it can easily be tracked, calculated and tested, through online analysis. It also targets the masses instead of individual customer at a go. 

  1. Email marketing  

Earlier strategies included phone calling or contacting people by posts, which was time consuming and expensive. Through CRM large customer data is stored which includes their personal email IDs and they can be contacted individually. This also develops personal touch and image creation of the brand in the minds of the customers.  

Companies in order to create personal communication with the customer, often send them newsletters, birthday wishes, eCoupns, eCards etc.  

  1. Analysis of customers specific needs  

Companies keep a track of search and purchase history of the customers and then contact them with suitable products and services. By checking what the customer has bought in the past, gives insight into the demographic factors of the customer and then they are targeted for products of their need.  

  1. Forecasting the future strategies and building the business models 

CRM software provides great futuristic strategies for customer behaviour and buying pattern. It uses some of the most complex statistical methods and regression analysis for the same. On the basis of which accurate strategies are made.  

These strategies though accurate, shall be checked and modified for their accuracy on frequent basis, as the customer buying pattern changes as per new trends, so the marketers need to make sure that their marketing strategies are up to date.

Aishwarya Parchure
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