Power BI, Azure during COVID for healthcare sector

The COVID 19 pandemic has affected the entire world on huge masses. It has not yet been controlled by the governments as the on-going spread of its variants is the main concern.  

Tools like Power BI have not only helped the professionals to build in reports of the affected masses but now also helping them to stay alert on its spread. This novel virus has suddenly bombarded governments and non-profit organizations to deal with huge amounts of data of the patients and their health status. Updating the changing status of the affected, has also made it complex to stay alert on the front grounds.  

This is where business intelligence can help. Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure have helped to store this huge amount of data by collating within no time. It also maintains the confidentiality of the stored and processed data. While Power BI has further transformed that data in interactive maps and dashboards which presents real time information in easily understandable manner.  

Microsoft has gone one step ahead and created Power BI toolkit for all US states and governments to customise and publish the reports based on the cases at their places.  

To make this further easier, Microsoft has partnered with USA Facts, a non-profit organization, so that the users can access national information on COVID.  

This has created transparency about the current health status of the country and reduced the fear of the pandemic among the citizens.

Aishwarya Parchure
HR Executive
Addend Analytics

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