Drill Through using Buttons in Power BI

Don’t want to use the traditional Drill Through functionality available in Power BI? 2 more approaches can work as an alternative. In this blog, I’ll be covering the Button’s alternative.

Let’s get started!


Drill Through functionality in Power BI works when the user right-clicks on the data point & specifies the destination page under the list of Pages available. Sometimes users are hesitant to right-click to get through to the pages. In that case, we can use a Button instead which is something that can be developed in Power Bi in a very few simple steps.

Steps to set up a Drill Through Button solution

  1. Create the Main page with visuals that need to have the Drill through feature.

2. Create a Drill through Destination page in the same report.

3. Create a Button on the Main page. Select its action type as ‘Drill through’ & select the ‘Destination’ page from the above step under Destination.

4. Create filter context on the Destination page. It will have all the filters that need to be applied when the user navigates to it via the Main page.

5. Make suitable formatting changes to the button to make it behave differently when the button is in the default state, disabled (when no Datapoint is selected), and on hover or press.

6. Here is how it looks before & after a Data point selection:

And that’s all there is! You can now use this button to get the same output that you get when you use the Right-click + Drill through option. Thanks for reading!

Karan Nair
Team Lead – Data Analytics
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