How to do Designing in Business Central?

What is Designing in business central?

When we develop extensions in the AL development environment, you have a wide range of possibilities. With the help of Designer mode in Dynamics 365 Business Central we can conveniently make immediate changes to your design by dragging and dropping the components on the page.

The process to do Designing in Business Central.

Step 1: – Click on the setting icon which is present on the navigation bar in Business Central.

Step 2: – After clicking a dialog box will appear from there select the Design option.

Step 3: – Then designing mode will appear as shown below in the image.

Step 4: – Now click on the lock button and click on unlock page to start designing the page.

Step 5: – Four plus signs will display on top after clicking, allowing you to add necessary fields. Also, if we hover over the sign, we can read a description of the sign.

Step 6: – For adding the fields just need to drag the fields from the dialog box and place it on the page where you want them.

Example: – Assume that I want the “Address” field after the “Name” field. So, I will drag that field and place it after the description.

As we can see, the “Address” field is displayed now after “Name.”

And from Designing, we can also move and remove and hide the fields not required in our sandbox environment.

To do so we just need to hover over the fields and an arrow-type icon will appear need to click on that then a small dialog box will appear with the available options.

After doing all the changes click on the stop designing icon which is present on the designing line. Here you need to provide the extension name and publisher

Then Click on the save button which is there in the bottom right. And your Dev extension will be saved.

Similarly, you can do designing for different pages like the card page, list page, role center, etc.

I hope this will help you in solving your purpose, to accomplish your goals using business central.

Khush shah
Technical Consultant D365 BC
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