How To Update The Visuals In An Older Power BI Report Into New Format?

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  • Post published:July 21, 2021

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Hi all, In this blog, I’m explaining how can we upgrade our visuals in older Power BI report in the same report itself.

I have opened an older power bi file in which the visuals are in a different style. Below fig . shows the visuals in that old file, which has a header with different(older) style. It will take actually, a little more space also in our report. We can upgrade this visuals in this reports itself.

How To Update The Visuals

We can update it in any Embedded Power Bi Reports or any visuals in Power BI file.

Follow the following steps:

File à Options and settings à Options à Report settings (CURRENT FILE) à              Under Visual Options , select ‘Use the modern visual header with updated styling options’.

By default, it is enabled in new Power BI files, but in older versions it is disabled.
Once we select this option, the visuals will be in new style as in the below fig.

Praisy Joy
Data Analyst
Addend Analytics