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Can you imagine, in today ‘s world of managing huge amounts of data, how difficult would it be, to handle it manually? Our generation still struggles to deal with Excel and its never-ending formulae, so what if I tell you that there’s a tool that helps you deal with data in a split of second, which is easier than excel, you will not believe me, will you?

So welcome to the world of Power Bi by Microsoft!!!

You may have been hearing this expanding world of Data Analytics and the tools for it. You might have colleagues who keep updating themselves about Bi courses, and here you are ever so naive in the field. So, let me take you through the basics of Bi and its usage. 

What is Power BI ?

  1. Acts as one of the best intelligence tools in the market.
  2. Works on reports and dashboards magically!
  3. Cleans up the unused data.
  4. Models and visualizes data.

Why should you learn Power BI?

1. Most popular and ever growing tool.
2. High demand for Bi experts in the market.

What does Power BI do for Developers?

  1. Power Bi Desktop gathers data from the data sources like SQL, CSV, PDF, Oracle, Web etc.
  2. Then it publishes it to the Power Bi service, which is automated!
  3. Power Query helps clean the data
  4. Power Pivot creats data modeling Power View helps in data visualization

Is Power BI scary?

Not at all!

  1. Rather its easier than Excel, no need to type formulae n functions, just drag n drop!
  2. It’s one of the best Bi tools, thus ever growing!
  3. The training will be practical, so keep yourselves entertained and on your toes with the Bi tools! No boring theory 😉

I am sure that now you are intrigued by this miraculous tool, and want to ask me that but is it suitable for your field?? Will it help you grow?? Will it make your mundane work interesting?? And finally, will it help you earn more??

The answer is YESSS !!!

Let’s find out how Power Bi is helpful in all the fields, in my next blog.

Stay tuned !!! 😉

Aishwarya Parchure
HR Head
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