Using Power BI For Social Media Platforms

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Today we say the world has come closer, so has the data! You can get data of any customer based in any country. Imagine the size of the customers, segments, sub segments and cross functional connections of these segments, based on their choices for products, services, geography, features, prices etc.

The social media platforms easily avail us the data, but for any business intelligence solution provider, it becomes tedious to manage that data. So, comes in handy, Power BI!

Customer Outreach Programs

1. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Almost all the companies are funneling their money into customer outreach via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. Open Graph GPI of Facebook, allows this through understanding the interests of the customers through their comments, likes, posts.

Instagram’s trending posts help you what who likes what! Twitter may be missing in data connector list, but this doesn’t mean you can’t access Twitter data with Power Bi. You can export up to 90 days of Twitter data.

2. Email Marketing

Spark post and MailChimp has data connectors for Power Bi. Companies using CRM platforms such as MS Dynamics, Salesforce, and Marketo can also easily connect their e-mail marketing data with Power BI.

3. Web Analytics

Power BI has many tools to help track your SEO, E-commerce sales, online advertising, and online engagement of your customers and many website data connectors like Google, Adobe etc. Google Analytics also allows you to connect with tracking AdWords performance with Power BI.

Biggest benefits of Power bi in Marketing –

1. Data available through and across all the departments
2. Data retention on Azure of Microsoft
3. Data visualization via reports, dashboards, charts etc.
4. Data updation by automatically updating the changes in the data.

When you see the ease of data handling and processing, I am sure you will be now eager to learn more about and initiate it in your daily life!

Aishwarya Parchure
HR Head
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