The Ultimate Guide To Inventory Planning And Optimization Using Dynamics 365 Business Central

Inventory Planning and its Optimization is one of the most important stages for the expansion of business growth. Whatever physical product you trade, you must include it in the category of Inventory. As per your requirement, you can add or reduce the number of items in the inventory by placing them in the ledger entries of your journal. The well-organized inventory provides several advantages to your business which are listed below:

  • The organized inventory requires less time for its arrangement and pays much more focus on the process of customer services and order.
  • The well-organized inventory produces higher accuracy on the product’s stock.
  • It allows you to meet the customer’s demand quickly and to satisfy them with their services.
  • Enhances the gross profit of the business.

Achieving all these benefits for the growth of the business is quite difficult as every business faces several problems and challenges while planning for their inventories. Using the Microsoft dynamic 365 business central while managing your inventories will help you to accelerate your sales process and to deliver exceptional customer services. With the help of this software, you can extend your business on the large scale by storing and transmitting your data across your systems. You can easily access this software while working for your business on your Windows, Android, and iOS Devices.

The Microsoft nav ERP is known as Dynamic 365 Business Central that provides extensive business management solutions from small to large enterprises. Microsoft has been improving its inventory management capabilities of Dynamic 365 and provides unique tactics for the supply chain management of their business. This software provides several advantages to their client’s business which are given below:

  • It assigns number series and locations for each inventory item.
  • Organized inventory depending upon its transfer route.
  • Constructing the distribution model of inventory which is based on the different work locations and responsibilities of sellers, vendors, business patterns, and employees.
  • The Business Central uses data like stock out information and past sales to optimize the purchase orders of the material.
  • This dynamic 365 data integration helps businesses to define the costing of their inventories by following this simple method. You need to click on the Inventory Management> press setup option> click on the costing> finally click on the costing versions to turn on the price for items from “Invent Item Price Form”.
  • Business Central helps businesses to move their items between different warehouse locations and improve the pick-up processes and the cycles of purchases, sales, and consumption.
  • Business Central allows businesses to review the items which have been in your inventory for more than 120 days if they are facing the issues of inventory loss of items that are aged and can no longer be part of sales.
  • Many firms face the problems of poor inventory insights which deals with the information of product and the overall status of the inventory but with the help of Business Central software, you can surface information of top-selling products easily.

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