Using “Selected Visuals” option of bookmark to retain the Slicer selection between different bookmarks.

Problem Statement: Retain the slicer selection between different bookmarks.

Below is a simple page where the sales amount is displayed in a table visual with its respective product category and product name.

Along with that, there are:

  1. Two slicers – Category and Date
  2. One Card visual shows the total sales amount.

Four buttons on the left side help to switch between four different bookmarks

Each button corresponds to each bookmark which is created along with that.

The measure is created to show data in the table where Sales Amount is less than 100 and a bookmark is created for the same. Similarly, measure and bookmark are also created for:

  1. Sales between 100 to 1000
  2. Sales >1000
  3. No filter (all data will be displayed)

Also, Conditional formatting is applied where if the sales are less than 100, the background color should be blue. Likewise:

  1. If the sales amount is between 100 to 1000 background should be pink
  2. Sales amount greater than 100 background should be green.
  3. If there is no filter background should be white

When switching between bookmarks, the user has to select Office Supplies in the slicer again and again if they want to view the sales for the category of Office Supplies.

To prevent this, you can keep the same slicer selection and then easily navigate between different bookmarks.

Solution: In the bookmark tab there is an option called “Selected Visuals”. If that option is ticked, changes will apply on to the visuals which are getting updated in the bookmark instead of the entire page.

Go to the Bookmarks Tab > Click on the ellipsis of the desired bookmark > Select “Selected Visuals” > close the tab.

Apply the same for all the bookmarks.

Now, Select any category value from the category slicer and select the date range from the date slicer

Now, navigate between different bookmarks using the buttons at the left.

Bookmark: Sales amount < 100:

Bookmark: Sales amount between 100 to 1000:

Bookmark: Sales amount >1000:

Conclusion: Even though the bookmark is changed, slicer selection is retained, and the user can see data respectively.

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