Everything That’s New With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft’s Dynamic 365 Business Central has picked traction for being a perfect SaaS solution, especially for SMEs. With this, you can not only view the performance of a business, track customer history and inputs, but also identify new possibilities through data trends, and optimize operating processes to make better decisions. Microsoft announced a number of new updates and features around the end of 2019, which slowly became available through 2020.

Business Central is the all-in-one ”handle your financials” platform that combines the very best of both the ERP and CRM realms with a potent AI-powered Business Intelligence layer. The ability to automate and safeguard the supply chain and optimize inventory and warehouse management makes Microsoft dynamics 365 business central a comprehensive data integration service solution. The latest developments fixate primarily on improving speed, efficiency and assistance for entrepreneurial decision-makers.

Prominent updates of 2019 release wave II

Enhanced productivity with the Modern Client: 

The 2019 release wave 2 in Business Central allows users to seamlessly enter the interface through their browsers, WIN 10 desktop applications, Android and iOS mobile apps, or even Outlook. This implies higher efficiency in quick decision making. Users will be able to customize their actions at their Role Center, personalize list views and multi-task across pages with fewer clicks.

Improvements in the application for ease of use in finance: 

The latest update allows users to suspend notifications and finance memos swiftly. Business owners can also quickly use Batch-post sales and purchases as per timeline, eliminating the need for workers to waste time on submitting a big set of documents one by one.

Advanced tools to global developers: 

The 2019 release wave two versions will base on the newly introduced Visual Studio Code embedded with Azure DevOps and the AL language with an extension-based customizable approach. This will allow developers to work collaboratively and effectively making use of data integration services from anywhere in the world.

Cover for late payments: 

Microsoft dynamics 365 business central comes with an AI-powered extension that empowers you to identify if sales bills are going to be cleared on time. The D 365 Business Central AI tool also comes with a Sales and Inventory Forecast extension that aids you project potential closures utilizing archival data with your inventory asset predictions.

Standard PayPal extension: 

When it comes to standardizing online transactions and delivery services for improved customer support, SMBs can also make use of the PayPal payment standard service through a dedicated extension provided in Business Central.

App lifecycle management:

Once live at Business Central, SMEs will be able to garner continuous support, update assistance, evaluations, and so on for an efficient application lifecycle management. With this, businesses of all sizes will be able to handle their ecosystems and financial affairs on the basis of legally mandated criteria anywhere in the globe, delivering scalability.

The role of decision-makers does not cease simply by choosing Business Central. While best practises exist, the right partner picks need to be chosen with evidence of historical success. It’s going to be interesting to see what business problems we’re going to solve this new year, and what achievements we’ll be witnessing across the globe with MS Business Central support.

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