Numeric range Parameter in Power BI

In this blog, we will be seeing how we can use the Numeric range Parameter in Power BI.

The Numeric range Parameter is a feature that allows us to interact with the variable as a slicer and visualize and quantify different key values in the reports. We can very easily build a Power BI Report by creating the Numeric range Parameter.

Below are the steps on how we can create a Numeric range Parameter and use them to slice and dice the values in a Power BI visual.

Step 01:

To create a Numeric range Parameter, go to Modeling Ribbon > New Parameter > Numeric range.

Step 02:

A Parameters pop-up box will appear. We can select the numbers according to our needs. How we need to analyze our data. Suppose we need to analyze how much profit we’ll get when compared to the last year’s profit.

Example –
Minimum: 0, Maximum:25, Increment: 1

We took Increment as 1, To check each possibility from 0-25. If we put 5 instead of 1, we’ll able to choose 5%, 10%, 15%, etc. That’s how the parameter will adjust when interacted with in a report.

After filling in all the details, click Create to add the Numeric range Parameter to our Power BI Report.

Step 03:

Next, we’ll create a new measure with calculations for the new profit. That measure will give us the actual profit after giving a discount.

Measure –

New Profit = SUM(Sales[Profit]) – (SUM(Sales[Profit]) * (‘Discount %'[Discount % Value]/100))

Below is the image where no discount is given i.e., Discount% = 0.

Step 04:

Example –
If we are giving a 20% Discount, what will be the value for our new profit?

Now, we just must mention the Discount% we want in the slicer, and we’ll get the new profit amount.


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